Low Head, Tasmania
Low Head Pilot Station Museum
Low Head, Tasmania
Low Head Pilot Station


Low Head Pilot Station is a historical precinct with 9 self-contained cottages, charming heritage museum, lighthouse and café facilities in Tasmania’s pristine Tamar Valley. Owned by Virgin Australia Co-Founders Brett Godfrey and Rob Sherrard, the property dates back to 1805 and is just 40 minutes from Launceston.

Low Head Pilot Station’s Rich History

Low Head Pilot Station commenced operation in 1805 and was the 3rd station to be established in Australia. It has run continuously since 1833 and particularly in the early days, the Tamar River proved to be a very complex and dangerous estuary that required the skill and knowledge of local boat pilots.

The precinct offers a diverse range of 19th century buildings which remain remarkably in tact. The oldest building on the site is Pilot’s Row dating back to 1835. Previously used to house up to four pilots and their families, the building has subsequently been converted to a museum.

As the station flourished additional buildings were added. The Coxswain’s cottage was built in 1847 and is now a delightful café. The Boatcrew and Boatman Cottages were constructed in various stages from 1859 to 1962 and the School House was established in 1866. Low Head’s Boatshed function room and our most popular beach side rental, Pilot’s Cottage were built in 1917.

The Light Keepers Cottage (c 1833) and The Queenslander offer spectacular views to the Tamar River and ocean and are located approximately 200 metres from the Pilot Station Precinct.

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